During the past 40 years, Talgarth Male Choir has performed at about 1,000 different venues…… from the tiniest chapel to the Albert Hall, from the Millennium Stadium to a country marquee, from audiences of 100 to audiences of 70,000.  Each venue poses different logistics for the staging of the choir.

If you have never booked a choir before or organized a charitable event, we have a great deal of experience gathered over the years and would be more than happy to share it with you.

You may wish to consider the following:


  •  Arrange a meeting (on site) with a representative of the choir.

  • The most important item for the choir is to be able to place the choristers and conductor as comfortably as possible in the space available and to produce a “good sound” on the night!

  • The programme can be discussed. (A concert will normally last for about 1  hours without an interval. Start times can be thought about

  • If there is a piano on site, it can be inspected.

  • Refreshments for the choir can be arranged.

  • Specific repertoire items might be requested or suggested for the programme.

Publicising your concert.

  • Produce a poster and post locally:
    Write a pre-concert release and distribute to local media
    Prepare a concert programme in sufficient numbers for the audience and choir.

  • Send press items "pre & post" to the concert secretary for inclusion on the Choir website.
    Produce smaller “fliers” for handouts at supermarkets and/or thro’ letterboxes.

  • Adequate parking space for cars or coach.

  • Access for electric piano if needed by choir and mains electric socket.

  • A decent tuned piano is usually preferable.


  • A start time of 8pm is preferable on weekdays as many choristers have to complete a day’s work. Weekends can be more flexible.

  • Part of the choir ethos is to enjoy post choir events, called “afterglow”. Assistance with finding a suitable pub venue is appreciated. The promoters are always warmly welcomed.

  • A post concert buffet for the choir is welcome particularly if we have travelled a long way

  • The choir expects settlement of fees in advance of a concert or on the day itself.