Join the choir

If you THINK you might wish to join the choir, why don't you come along to a rehearsal and enjoy a drink, some chat and a sing or a listen as you wish. you can sit amongst the different voice parts (Top Tenor, 2nd Tenor, 1st Bass, 2nd Bass) and see where your voice feels comfortable. There is no formal assessment and you certainly won't feel embarrassed....we all have to start somewhere!

So......if you are worried about “not being good enough”...don't be!

Most choristers will confess to being extremely nervous at first. Each chorister performs to a different level – some individual voices may be better than others, some may remember parts better than others, some learn quicker than others, but to be an important part of the whole is a truly remarkable feeling, and we all have to depend on each other.

To enjoy the singing and the ready companionship that the choir has to offer is a wonderful thing and the only way to find out is to “give it a whirl!”

We have a break from end July till late August and again in early January. Otherwise,

we rehearse every Monday between 7.30 pm & 9.30 pm

  •  at Gwernyfed Rugby Club, Trefecca Road, Talgarth (except bank holidays).

  • If you'd like any further information then please contact

Lloyd Jones (Secretary) 01873 803325
Peter Rowson (Concert Sec) 01874 711388

John Allen (Chairman) 01874 622354
or any member of the choir.

  • Don't postpone it, go and phone it.....if you like to sing, come along. We'll make you feel welcome and....

               you just might enjoy yourself!